It is not for beginners. It is for advance yogis/yoginis who have deep & strong desire for self realization. Who have great patience & deep devotion. Here everything is compulsory & need strict followings. it is not for certificate but for spiritual identification. it’s daily routine & contents are also different from general Y.T.T.C.

yoga introduction , 8 limbs of yoga, yoga life style, different ways of pratyahar & concentration, qualities of yogi/ yogini, obstacles of yoga, mauna (no talking), 5 klesas, prayer, self introspection , cleansing, kundalini yoga- chakras & nadis, yogic diet, karma & bhoga (cause & effect), yoga sutra, pratipaksha-bhavanam, emancipation, etc.

  • 10 days course
  • 2 weeks
  • 4 weeks


We also provide daily yoga classes at our center & home yoga classes in Dehradun.

Home yoga class-
1- Personal(family)- Duration – 1 hr.
Charge- Rs.10,000.00 /monthly.

2- Group Class- (minimum 10 & maximum 20 members) Duration- 1.30 hrs
Charge- Rs. 2,000.00 monthly per head.
Daily dropping class- Rs. 400.00/ per head.

We also provide yoga , naturopath, herbal therapy & massage therapy classes at centre & home.
Charge- Rs. 400.00 ( at centre)/per class.
Rs.500.00 ( at home)/ per class.

Special rules for spiritual yoga

  • Strictly follow the mauna ( no talking).
  • Spiritual yoga needs more & more tapa. So please do not want or expect luxury or relax.
  • Strictly follow the rules & instructions given by teachers.
  • Separate full covered clothes for meditation.
  • No outer food. If anybody need ,he/ she can keep dry fruits.
  • No mobile use in the class. Mobile using 2 p.m. & 9 p.m. to10 p.m.
  • Meditation session may be longer than schedule.
  • No interaction with outer people. If very urgent ask teacher.
  • During the class , whatever u experience please do not share with outer people because it disturb your concentration & development.
  • Try to concentrate on your ownself for proper realization.
  • Do not disturb yourself in any condition.

Daily schedule

It can be change according to situation.

Time schedule
4 AM wake up
4.15-4.30 AM Morning assemble for thanks to god
4.30-5.00 AM Necessary daily activities
5.00-7.00 AM Pranayama & meditation
7.15-9.00 AM Asana practice
9.15-9.45 AM Breakfast
10.00-10.50 AM Theory-l
11.00-11.40 AM Theory-ll
11.40-12.00 PM Rest & personal works.
12.00-2.00 PM Launch & rest
2.10-3.00 PM Theory-lll
3.10-4.30 PM Meditation
4.30-5.00 PM Rest
5.00-6.15 PM Asana practice
6.15-6.45 PM Rest & bath
6.45-7.30 PM Dinner (silent)
7.30-8.00 PM Walking & discussion/bhajan or other yogic activities
8.00-8.15 PM Milk
8.20-9.00 PM self-introspection ,night prayer & meditation
9.00-10.00 PM personal works/ study
10.00 PM Sleep