Family atmosphere(vasudhaiv Kutumbkam)

We have strong belief that all human beings are the son of the God. Thus, we are part of a universal family. Here everyone is a family person & we behave like a family.

Yoga- not preffession,but duty

For us Yoga is not proffession but, it's our duty. Students are not customers but they are Sadhaka. We try to give our best.

Physical & Spiritual development

Our courses are organised in the way of Rishi-life style which is fulfilling our physical & spiritual goals because physical development is the base on which spirituality depend. We focus on asanas, pranayamas, cleansing process, naturopath, ayurveda & other natural ways for physical & pratyahara, dharana, dhyan, maun(silence) for spiritual. we follow the Ashtang yoga designed by Maharshi Patanjali.


This is the best way of our spiritual purification invented by ancient vaidic rishis. Everyday after waking & every night before sleeping we do this. In the morning, we pray to the supreme lord to help us to live a pure & generous life & stop us to do mistakes. In night before sleep, we introspect our whole day's all activities & if there is any wrong we feel & take oath to not repeat it in future.

Study of Yoga-Darshana of Maharshi Patanjali & other basic philosophies of Yoga

We teach Yoga sutra of patanjali & other basic yoga philosophies during the courses. Except these we also provide the basic knowledge of different schools of indian philosophies, upanishadas & other vaidic literatures.

Yogic daily routine

We strictly follow the yogic daily routine which includes mouna(silent) sadhana, self-introspection,two times meditation and so on.

Yogic & healthy food

We provide yogic, healthy & veg foods . It is not much oily & spicy .

Yogic, Educational, Spiritual, Religious & natural visit

We organise weekly visits of yogic , cutural , spiritual & natural places. The main aim of our visit are enriching knowledges & yoga.

Kriyas( Cleansing)

We organise weekly cleansing ( jal-neti, kunjal, rubber-neti etc) practical classes.