The supreme aim of Yoga Abhyas is to create awareness about- how to live happily , peacefully & friendly the supreme aim of human life,moksha & how to gain it.

The wholesole aim of Yoga Abhyas is to create a physically & spiritualy a happy, prosperous, loving society. A society where there is no hate, no greediness, no violence, no throat- cut competition & there is only eternal fraternity, co-operation & co-ordination.

We beliefs in one Omnipresent, Omniscient & Omnipotent God which is formless, fountain of all true knowledges,univesal supreme mother & father of all of us. Yoga is the way of meeting to God. so, all of us have right to follow the the path of Yoga without any discrimination.

Yoga Abyas beliefs that the Veda is the holly knowledge of God. Yoga is originated from the it's for all.

Yoga Abhyas beliefs that yoga is our inner & eternal thirst. It will solve our all matterial & spiritual problems & ultimately we gain our supreme aim the realisation of the God.

Yoga Abhyas beliefs that spiritality is the root of all goodness, happiness & satisfaction. It can gain by yoga only.

Yoga Abhyas beliefs that Yoga is the most precious gift of god. nobody can pay it's price. it is our duty to spread yoga in the whole world.