Yoga Abhyas is an international classical school of yoga which is purely based on ancient vedic yoga-style practiced by ancient Rishis. It's religious & charitable yoga School based on vaidic science.

Yoga is a ancient process which is helpful in self controlling, self realization and ultimately reaches to the supreme goal of the life, Moksha (realization of the God). The wholesole aim of Yoga Abhyas is to create a physically & spiritual a happy, prosperous, loving society. A society where there is no hate, no greediness, no violence, no throat- cut competition & there is only eternal fraternity, co-operation & co-ordination.

Yoga Abhyas provides different yoga teacher training courses which are included in dept knowledge of yoga with best practical experience.

Our Affiliation

Our others charitable projects

Gurukul (vaidic school)- We will conduct gurukuls where students will study sanskrit grammar, vedas, Upanishads, vaidic & other philosophies, vaidic & modern maths, sciences, ayurveda & all other subjects with practical aspects. here also learn technical, economical , military ,administrative & others . It is residential & non co. Here education is free of cost, equality for all in all respects. It is totaly based on donations. It is specially for children.

Sadhana Ashrama- We will also start sadhana ashrama where sadhakas will stay & do sadhana & also can study veda, yoga, sankhya & other vedic philosophies , Upanishadas, geeta, sanskrit etc.

Literature projects- We will also publish & distribute literatures on yoga, the vedas, upanishads, ayurveda, & other good literatures .

Marriage of poor girls & boys, student scholarship for poor & merritorious students, creation of public awareness about education ,moral values, pollution & others personal-social duties & rights.

We also organise camps, seminar, debates programmes about yoga, spirituality, health education, & other social topics.

Yoga teaches us to live simple natural life. So we also promote natural life style in all aspects. Our slogan is "live simple think high."

Vedic research centre- we strongly belief that the veda is the god gifted holy original & scientific true knowledge. It is original source of all type of true knowledges. Thus we will try to explore this true knowledge by sadhana of yoga .

We also educate people about environmental awareness by proper use of water ,soil , light, air etc.

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